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Simply Dog Talk stands out from others by offering a holistic approach to dog training. We cover a wide range of topics, including your pet’s breed, health, nutrition, behavior and the emotional well-being of your pet. Our comprehensive approach ensures that dog owners have the tools necessary for obedience training.

About Simply DogTalk

Simply DogTalk with Moncton’s John Watts – known affectionately as Canada’s Dog Whisperer – focuses on more than simple training; we teach pet owners how to properly communicate with their dog, creating a bond between owner and pet which basic training alone can’t provide. Not only will your dog learn basic obedience and proper mannerisms, you’ll also learn what psychologically motivates your pet and in turn you’ll know exactly when and how to reward your dog with praise, toys, treats, games and more.

About John Watts

John Watts has been involved with dog training since 1972 when Dave Watts began training Labrador Retrievers in Cobourg Ontario. The Watts family spent many years along side Bob Blyth training Retrievers for Field Trial competitions and owned the top Retriever ever produced in Canada and United States. Building in that success, Dave Watts became a professional trainer and opened Cavendish Kennels in 1980.


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We’ve hired Simply DogTalk to help us with handling Ceaser, our gsd, and we couldn’t be more happier with the outcome! John is a really friendly guy that actually trained us and showed us what we were doing wrong when handling our then 1 yr old gsd. Since we’ve completed our training sessions we’re now better enjoying our time with Ceaser. Thank you John and Simply DogTalk! – Mohamed Mokhtar Awad
We have a six month old corgi named Hunter and we were looking for guidance and obedience training for him. Hunter knew his basic commands but we were looking for just a little bit more. And we got that and so much more out of our experience with John’s sessions. John always explained every technique, answered all our questions and was patient with Hunter. We learned so much from him, but most importantly Hunter learned so much more. If you are looking for a great dog trainer, reach out to John. Your dog will thank you. Hunter is living his best life! – Lisa Leblanc
Karen and I had great experience with John. He was pricy but believe you me, he's worth every penny. It's been over a month and I'm still thinking about the tips he thought us. Things that I would not have even thought of and using, like daycare, I'm semi-retired and my wife is retired so we can take care of Mylo but that one day is good for us and great for Mylo: win, win I could go on and on. He's super nice man, knowledgeable and I even text him on how Mylo is doing so we can stay in touch. - Roger Richard
Getting John as a dog trainer was quite possibly the best decision I could've ever made for my dog and I. Odin was reactive, overprotective, painful to walk, and had me scared to take him out of the house or host guests because of how he reacts to other dogs and people. After one session I saw the wonderful dog my puppy was meant to be. He doesn't budge when dogs bark at him on walks, I don't have to worry about getting dragged across the road anymore, and he's actually gotten friendlier towards strangers because John was able to help me understand my dog's behaviours and what he needed from me. I couldn't possibly recommend Simply DogTalk enough. - Genevieve S
John is an excellent trainer who will bring out the best in your dog. You will see how training can be fun, easy with quick result. Yes, there’s work. Yes, you need to be consistent and practice what you learned in the sessions will make perfect. But, with his kind nature yet firmness, your dog will quickly learn to be a « good dog ». Sandie sure is a good girl, a pup that is learning, but an A+ student in my eyes. Thank you John. PS- I would highly recommend John in a heartbeat. - Dianne Murphy


Contact Simply DogTalk at (506) 233-TALK

Basic Manners

Fear & Timidity

Non Stop Barking

Separation Anxiety

Dog Aggression

Children & Dogs

Potty Training

Behavioral Issues


Only $399.00

NOTE: We also offer individual sessions for only $99.00 per session.

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